Fantasy Author & Poet

Lindsay Sfara

After her personal journey of self-acceptance, Lindsay weaves tales of fantasy and profound poetry as a beacon of empowerment and mental health. Her blend of haikus, short stories, and fiction craft gentle reminders of the strength found in vulnerability, and the importance of expressing one's core identity. For real happiness comes from valuing your true self and desires. When not writing, Lindsay explores new worlds in video games and TTRPGs, dotes on her two cats, and enjoys various outdoor activities.

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Aero Knights (In Progress)

Separated and on the brink of total suffering after a failed mission, superheroes Kat and Bluejay want nothing more than crime-fighting life to return to normal in Cleigh City. But when the organization, R.I.S.E., hunts Bluejay down for secrets only she knows from the mission, Kat must reunite with her to save more than they bargained for; including themselves.



Ancient Secrets




Dual Female Protagonists


Powerful Artifact


Inner Demons




Found Family

"You have no hold here. / You did not teach me power. / My power is me."

— Lindsay Sfara (The Credit is Mine)

"Oh, how the world muddles perspective to gray as one ages."

— Lindsay Sfara (Toxic Bullies)

"Mountains need not climbed / to reach the sun and sky, / only stillness and present mind."

— Lindsay Sfara (The Moments on the Way)


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